Monday, September 24, 2007

Soccer Boy

Tonight we went to E-boy's soccer practice & game. It was a great night weather-wise & it was fun to watch E-boy in this new environment. Already we are seeing improvement in his soccer skills. He is loving the entire thing & when they scrimmage he cheers his teammates on as he plays and is so proud of being a "soccer player". He's been watching his sisters play since the fall after he was born. Now it's finally his turn! Hooray!

Waiting to start
In this age group the children have 3 different sets of coaches. The coaches rotate to the different groups of children teaching different skills as they go. It's a neat system they've come up with!

After playing hard on the playground Bugsy takes a water break.

Are you okay?

This was too sweet. Another player fell down and right away E-boy stopped playing and knelt down by his new friend patting his shoulder and making sure he was okay. I was a moment too late as I snapped the shot as he was getting up from giving sympathy.

Great job, E-boy!

Running for the Ball

What is he doing?
As E-boy runs after the ball a dad in the background looks as if he is trying that "rub your belly & pat your head at the same time" diddy. Either that or a monkey impression. Lol!

Quick Huddle

Future Soccer Player? ~ We sure hope so!

Throw In!
And he's doing it the right way too! Pretty impressive for an almost 2-year old!

Goofy Goalie
E-boy puts on a little show for Mommy & Daddy

He tried but it went right through his legs.

Now He's Ready!

He stopped the ball & now does a heave-ho throw.

Here It Comes!
They're coming again & E-boy prepares.

Another Save!
He stopped it again & now gives it a big goal kick.

After the Game
I tried to get a pic but E-boy was too wound up to stand still for long. Lol!

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