Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Carnival of Fun

Jenny, Boo & Sweet Pea came up with the idea to have a carnival at home for everyone. That morning Jenny took the girls to the Dollar Store & the grocery store. They bought all sorts of things for the carnival. They came home, made fliers & posted them all over the house. That afternoon once naps were over we all went outside to enjoy their hard work. It was a super time!

In the morning after shopping everyone but Sweet Pea & Dimples went outside for some playtime. Here is E-boy & Aunt Jenny.

The kids & the men enjoyed apples from our tree in the backyard. Here Bugs cuddles with Boo & enjoys his snack.

Bugs having some fun & an apple snack.

Boo & Cupcake Playing

Curly Fry, Bugs & E-boy

Curly Fry Gives Her Sister A Ride

Our Pumpkin is Growing!

More Little Watermelons

E-boy takes Cupcake for a drive around the garden. She was loving that car!


Bugs conks out in his favorite place - with Daddy.

The Carnival Begins!!!!!!!!

First the children threw balls through the basketball hoop then they moved on to a game with plastic insects, tweezers & a bucket. They had to pick up the insects with the tweezers & walk over & drop them in the bowl. E-boy was quite taken with the bugs! The girls threw balls or something in this circle.
The children enjoyed catching these cute ocean animals with a net.

E-boy shows me his catch.

This was a favorite - the kids took the soda cans from Uncle Matt & Daddy's vacation treat, set them up & took turns knocking them down. Hooray! See the red ball in mid-air?

Setting Them Up for Another Turn

Craft Time!
Part of the fun was decorating door hangers. They had tons of stickers and glitter glue! FUN!

Curly Fry
Isn't she a cutie?

At the other table Cupcake, Bugs & E-boy have a great time.

The daddies help out.


A Proud Boy

Perfect Opportunity for a Group Photo!
It wasn't easy getting this but all the grown-ups helped & I think the kids did very well.

We went back to the backyard & Aunt Jenny passed out the punching balloons! YES!

Bugs thought this was cool! It didn't take him long to get the hang of it.

After his balloon popped E-boy went back to play his favorite game.

Aunt Jenny also bought all the children a special 'just-for-them' Mylar balloon. Sadly Boo's escaped. She was quite upset. We bought her another one a few days later, (long story), & she is happy b/c now she & Rose Marie, her baby sister in Heaven, both have the same balloon. That made me happy too.

Mama takes a few shots.

Cupcake With Her Special Balloon

I tied an extension on E-boy's special balloon & he caught some air with it. It looked neat!

Curly Fry with her special balloon.

We all sat down to watch Charlotte's Web but the kids were so wound up we didn't see or hear too much of it. LOL! The carnival was a big hit. Thank you Aunt Jenny!

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