Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Visitor for Thanksgiving

We have a visitor this week. Darin is away for Thanksgiving week and we are dog sitting. Her name is Sedona & the kids LOVE her. She spends most of her time outside. It's been nice outside & she has plenty of room to run in the fenced in yard. She sleeps in Sweet Pea's room at night. The kids think it's pretty neat that we have a dog for the entire week.



It rained most of the day but by the time Sedona arrived it had stopped. The kids enjoyed playing outside for awhile in the fresh air.

His new "strong man" pose. Cracks me up!

Sweet Pea & Sedona hang out.

I think this is his "monster face" Complete with sound too! LOL!

The kids found a climbing tree.

Our fall weather has returned and we are loving it! So nice to be in the low to mid 50's! We are getting spoiled!


MOMMY said...

Cute pup!!!! How are the kitties all getting along with her?

Anonymous said...

I miss Sedona. S.P.