Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas Comes Early!

Friday morning was exciting here. We had our new couches delivered! This is Dave & my main Christmas gift(s) to each other. We decided we'd much rather have these for the new house than some other things for ourselves. I'm super excited! They are very comfy too. These are to be the "formal" couches. They are not for playing around and definitely no food or drink are allowed on them. It sounds a little harsh but we have the Family Room upstairs for all those "fun" things. *Big Grin*

There was only a $20 difference between the love seat price & the couch price. So we went with 2 couches as we get another seat for everyone. Pretty good deal, I think. =)

I simply LOVE the dark red! (The true color is on the couch on the right . The other looks lighter b/c of the flash.)

There is now a little corner for a few of Bugsy's toys.

The other wall.

The kids were bouncing off the walls with excitement! They love them!

And won't the red look extra nice at Christmas?


MOMMY said...

I LOVE your new couches! The color is just what I would want too. Your room is huge!

Kristine said...

Thank you! The guy at the store said it was getting popular. We chose it b/c we loved it & wanted to break out of our old mold. Take a "risk", ya know? I'm hoping not everyone will have the same but if they do I guess it's no big deal.