Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cute Crafts

Bugs is really enjoying his new Sunday School class. He has been there 2 weeks in a row. I am impressed b/c he has stayed all by himself. Even in our old church one of us or one of the girls would have to stay with him at least 1/2 the time. I think he is feeling secure now that we are back as a family again and settled into a routine. And he is of course 3 years old now. This week he went right in and sat down with no looking back! They have lots of activities too which I think makes a huge difference. It's not just babysitting where the kids occupy themselves the entire time. They teach the kids about Jesus, have crafts, go outside (weather permitting), sing & play.

He was so proud when I picked him up this week. When I got him he was happily playing. He had papers to show me and 2 crafts. Here are his crafts:

A Sun Catcher
An Apple Turkey
This is the one he was most proud of. I loved hearing him say what it was. He says it fast and all one word.....appleturkey. Lol! When I saw his turkey I broke out in a great, big smile. I knew it was his right away as it was the only one with a bite out of it. That's my boy! LOL! Too funny!


MOMMY said...

You have to love a boy who eats his fruit! It sounds like Sunday School is great! How do you like your new church?

Kristine said...

Yeah, can't complain about that! LOL!
So far so good with the new church. We've been there twice now. The little kids LOVE it. S.P. went on an outing with the middle schoolers & got to know a few of the girls. Thanks for asking! =)