Saturday, November 22, 2008

Good for My Soul

I hope you don't mind seeing all these pics of the kittens but I just can't help myself. They are super adorable & my babies right now. =) They are growing so fast that I want to keep a sort of journal on them. They have also been a joy & distraction during this move & all the adjustments. The kids are enamored by them and I've become a surrogate mama to them. So sweet!

Pixie was cracking us up this afternoon. For some reason all the kittens like to dive into my tissue box and go after the tissues. Well, today there happened to be an empty box and Pixie took advantage of this new toy. An adventurous cat indeed!


Popping Back Out Again

Wresting with Sky


Sweet Pea & Sky

Gift ideas perhaps?

Smooshed Kitty

Ready to Pop

Playing with Papa

Doesn't she look hilarious?

Oh my goodness these kittens are good for my soul! =)


MOMMY said...

Too Cute!!!

How is your little injured kitty? I pray all is fine today-I know how hard it is to have an injured animal-not to mention the expense! Lucy is doing well with her broken toe but will need a new splint this coming week-yuk!

Thanks for sharing!

Kristine said...

Thank you, Amy for praying. He is doing much better. He is still limping a bit but it doesn't slow him down much. He runs & climbs as much as the other kittens. I'm so relieved!

Mama Teaching 2 said...

Your fur babies are so sweet. :)