Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Best Family Trip of the Year!

It was time for a break & some fun! On Sunday morning Dave & I made a spur of the moment decision, packed up the kids and headed to the zoo. We had bought a zoo pass a couple weeks ago and we were looking forward to using it at our first zoo! The ride was beautiful as there was much to see. We packed a lunch and ate it on the way. The zoo was nicely set up and maintained. It was a great day & we learned a lot. On the trip back we stopped for ice cream at Dairy Queen. We don't have any right nearby our home which made it an extra special treat.

Lunch Time
The condor was eating so I couldn't get a great pic of him but we still enjoyed watching him.


The Stump
The kids all wanted their picture taken in it.

Or ON It.

Elvis & Whaley

Prairie Dogs!
This was the neatest exhibit! I used to see prairie dogs all the time when I was little and living in Colorado. These little guys brought back some fun memories.

They had these neat tubes you could go in & be right with the Prairie Dogs.

Hello, Little Fella!


Pretty Photo Background

Watching The Bison & Deer

Love Those Kids!

Neat Bird!

Wasn't It Nice That He Posed for Us?

Showing Some Teeth

The boys were fascinated with them.

Sunning On A Log

A Giant Cow

Taking A Peek

I thought this would be neat to print & keep in our bird watching kit.

Turkey Talk

Dave has a way with turkeys. True story! Whenever we go to a zoo or farm he can talk to them and they talk right back to them. This guy answered Dave's "Turkey Talk" and then showed him his rear. LOL! I guess he didn't like what Dave had to say. Hee! Hee! Hee!

Family Photo

Isn't This Neat?

Learning In Action

Hi, Mr. Turtle

This Is One of Bugs's Favorite Animals

Isn't He Huge? Look at the bottom of his shell!

Can You Tell They're Tired?

Time for a Drink

Peacocks Roam Freely at the Zoo

Hee, Hee, Hee!




This was AWESOME! We were allowed to touch all the creatures, have them on us & take as many pictures & ask as many questions as our hearts desired. This is a "can't miss" at this zoo!

Bearded Dragon

How Cool Is This?

As You Will Continue to See Bugs Wasn't ONe Bit Afraid of the Creatures

Yes, That IS A Trantula!


Corn Snake

He Was the First One to Volunteer

Can You Guess What This Is?

(And yes, that is MY hand that it's in.)

They Multiplied!!!!!!!

This is a once in a lifetime photo. Do you know what these are? The zoo guy got a kick out of trying to creep me out. I had the tarantula in my hand too!

Now That Is NOT My Hand! LOL! He took it out of the cage so I could get a good picture. Wasn't that nice?

Our Favorite

We promised the kids we'd visit the Prairie Dogs one more time before we left the zoo.

Dairy Queen.........YAY!

I had my favorite, a Heath Bar Blizzard. YUMMY!

This is one of the very best trips we have had this year!


MOMMY said...

WOW!!!! That looks great!!! Thanks again for telling me about it yesterday-we will add it to our must go list!

I give you credit for letting creepy crawlies on you! I would have freaked-then again I am a wimp with some creatures!!!LOL

Alison said...

Looks great.. we stopped there last year and can't wait to go again!

Mama Teaching 2 said...

I am so proud of you with the bugs! LOL! GReat day you guys. :)