Wednesday, December 31, 2008

On Cloud 9

We had an amazing ultrasound experience today. God is so good! We went in and waited for 45 minutes as we were asked to be there 30 minutes early & then they were running behind. Unfortunately we were only allowed 2 people back in the room with us so Dave took the boys for a walk to entertain them and I let the lucky girls come back in with me. I was sad Dave wasn't able to come in but we were able to get a video tape of part of the ultrasound and I am eagerly waiting his homecoming tonight so we can watch it together. Once we went back in the tech seemed a little strict. I was thinking that maybe this wasn't going to be as fun as I had thought but decided to just be nice & polite back to her. She wasn't rude, just not very happy. After a little bit she changed and she was so nice & chatty it was like talking to a different person. I guess she had a bad morning with some tough things going on. I felt badly for her. We had a great time chatting not only about Baby but about some other things as well. It was really neat. As we went through the u/s she told us everything she was doing and looking for. She assured me as we went along that things looked great. That was beyond wonderful to hear. She explained to the girls details of what we were seeing & answered all of their questions. Science /Anatomy lesson! LOL! The heart was the most fascinating of all. We saw it in detail, heard the precious beating & saw the blood flow. This was where it was actually in our favor that our u/s was later on in my pregnancy. Did you know that around 20 weeks the heart is the size of a quarter? Amazing! Something I learned today. We saw close ups of the kidneys, bladder, diaphragm, brain, and specific bones. Little feet kicked & little hands flexed open & shut. At one point we even saw Baby yawn. So sweet! God truly does knit us together in the womb. And what a miracle it is! At the end she was able to tell us the gender of our Little One. I could hardly wait to share the news with Dave! We were given 3 priceless photos to take home plus our video. I carried them out like they were made of gold.

Thank you to everyone that prayed today! It was all we had hoped for and more. What a fabulous memory to tuck away. A BIG thank you to those that were waiting for my phone calls & those that emailed wanting to know who this Little One is. Your squeals of delight & excited emails are treasures. I appreciate all of you that choose to continue to share in this wonderful, amazing experience with us. Love you all!

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Megan said...

I'm sooooo happy for you guys!! What a precious memory - seeing your sweet little one and bringing a video home to share with the rest of the family. Wish I could see it too! It must have been so neat for the girls to learn about how all of those precious little baby parts form. Truly a miracle...