Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Queen for a Day

I had a wonderful birthday this year. Dave & the kids worked hard to make it very special.

First, since it was Sunday I was able to have a lazy day. I rested, took a nap and was plain lazy. Then Dave cooked an amazing dinner. He made marinated London Broil, Broccoli Parmesan, and Scalloped Potatoes. Everything was made from scratch and super delicious. After dinner it was present time. You'll see below the many gifts I was given. I am blessed to have such a generous family! After that it was time to dance! The kids & Dave were a riot dancing around the living room at full speed. I joined in a little. It was a blast! Then it was back to the table for cake and ice cream. Dave made a chocolate cake with butter cream icing. Again, all homemade. Oh, so yummy! The girls volunteered to clean up and I was back to lounging around. Queen for a day!

Each of the children made me a card. Precious & full of love.

A birthday kiss for Mama.

Boo gave me one of her favorite movies.

Dave gave me 3 CD's by some of my favorite country singers.

Sweet Pea gave me a book light as she knows how I love to read in bed.

Bugs loved helping me with my gifts.

YAY! Just what I wanted!

Dave set it all up for me.

My new tunes.

Let the dancing begin!!!!!!!

Bugs dances with Sky.

Dave too.

Mama dances with Bugs.
It was so sweet. He came over to me and said, "Mommy will you dance wid me?" How could I resist?

Boo takes Mama for a whirl.

My Cake

Enjoying my birthday song. Lol!

Oh boy!

Bugs plays a special song for me.

After all the fun & excitement it was time to settle down. Daddy & the boys sat down to read together before bedtime.

What a wonderful, wonderful birthtday. Thank you for making it super special Dave, Sweet Pea, Boo Bear, Elvis & Bug-a-Boo!


Ekelund Fam said...

I love that you have a Bugaboo too! I call my Caleb "Bugs." Merry Christmas! Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

You didn't put the picture of you blowing out your candles with your cheeks all puffed up! S.P