Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Eve

We did end up going to the candlelight Christmas Eve service at our new church. I am so glad we did. It was absolutely beautiful. They had these star shaped lights hanging from the high ceiling and the lights were dimmed in the sanctuary. It was super crowded and I felt lucky to get a seat. We ended up in the balcony and I think if Dave hadn't first dropped us off at the door and then went to park by himself we wouldn't have had a seat at all. That is how fast the seats filled up. Bugs did very well considering he is 3 and has never had to sit through an hour long service before. He didn't get restless until the end and even then he behaved as well as or even better than the other kids his age. When we lit the candles and the light filled the sanctuary it was magical. Heavenly.

After we arrived home we started in on making dinner. It was easy as we had prepped things ahead & planned a simple meal. The only thing that took time were the pizzas to cook. Dinner ended up being perfect. It was like a little buffet full of favorite foods. We had special things that we don't' normally have but as I mentioned they were things that took very little preparation. A perfect blend of special & easy on a busy night.

The girls did clean up for us and then it was time for our ornaments. Every year we give the children a special ornament. This year was no exception. Dave's dad had made one for them as well. They look forward to seeing what theme or character he has chosen.

Because of all the excitement and last minute needs bedtime took longer than Dave & I had hoped. Eventually we got them all into bed. I'm not sure how much sleeping actually took place but at least they were tucked in & the lights were off.

Elvis poses with me as I shred the cheese for pizzas.

Sweet Pea arranges the shrimp.

Daddy made the pizzas. He even made homemade sauce!

Boo Bear was in charge of the snack platter.

Our Tree

Mama & Her Chicks

Our Little Buffet
Pizzas, chips & dip, shrimp, grapes, celery with cream cheese, carrots & cheese and crackers.

Bugs plays cars while the girls clean up.

Ornament Time!
These were the ornaments I painted for the boys.

And here are the girls with theirs.

Close Up

Daddy opens the box from Grandma & Grandpa M.

Bugs was the first to get his ornament from Grandma & Grandpa. A teddy bear!

Bugs' ornament
They each have the child's name on them and the year. For privacy I haven't shown that side. Pops cuts these out of wood and handpaints them. Doesn't he do an amazing job?

Elvis' Ornament

Boo Bears'

Sweet Peas'

Santa Came!
After the kids were tucked into bed of course. *wink*

Boy, he even filled the stockings to the brim!


MOMMY said...

I love your Christmas Eve celebration! So nice and relaxing!

Santa looks like he had fun getting gifts! That is great how he hung the stockings back up once filled, he can never get them to stay at our house, he leaves them on a chair. The cupcake mix is great, Santa leaves things like that at our house too!!

Ekelund Fam said...

mmmmm....i think i maybe need to make english muffin pizzas tonight!