Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Peek at Our Week

Here is a little peek at our days last week:
Elvis & Sky are best buds.

The boys read a Lego magazine together.

Princess played on our bed a bit.

She cracked us up as she tossed the toys one by one squealing with each throw.

The kids always love wrestling with Daddy.

Bugs received some new school books from the Parent-Teacher store.
He completed 3/4 of his dot-to-dot book on the first day!

Elvis helped pick these out for himself.
The science is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Hooray!

We plan to use these soon.

I found these in our stash at home.
Elvis is super excited about the Time & Money book.

I picked these up at the Dollar Tree. I LOVE that store!

Elvis is almost done his practice book already.

I bought these at the Dollar Tree on the other side of town. I am putting them away for Bugs for next year when he will start kindergarten. The curriculum we used for Elvis, which I loved, has been replaced & jacked up in price. I am very disappointed as I had hoped to use it for Bugs. So I'm finding other alternatives such as this.

I found these gems at Walmart for only $1 each! Bugs loves the stickers!

Sweet Pea found this in our search at the Dollar Tree. It is like a Mad Lib. Cool!

I was ecstatic when we found these at the Dollar Tree! Elvis is a Star Wars fanatic! These will be a great addition to our workboxes! I got each of the boys a copy.

Another practice book for Elvis. He loves math!

This will also be used next year for Bugs' math.

Here is a sample of what is inside.

I finally got around to making laundry soap.
I used a friend's dry recipe this time.

Thankfully I had all my ingredients on hand.

I scored big time at the bread store. $1 a loaf! I saved at least $25 if not more. Wow-zah! This bread doesn't contain any HFCS which is a HUGE plus for us. I now have my freezer stocked up for a bit. =0)

Sweet Pea went to her first Zumba class on Thursday. She really liked it. I'm so happy she found something active to do! Yay! The community center has a great offer where if you buy 30 visits they come out to only $1.50/class. This is the youth rate. We used her Christmas gift from Nana to purchase her pass. Thank you, Nana!

I decided to try a Zumba class for myself that night. Sweet Pea went with me scoring 2 classes that day. My comment on the class? I think I will leave it for the young & more rhythmic peeps. I can only dream of moving the way they did. I'm not giving up on getting out & exercising. I want to try a regular aerobics class next week.


Heather the Mama Duk said...

What fun stuff! And great deal on the bread.

Mama Teaching 2 said...

I love all those new books!

Rhonda said...

All of their new books look like so much fun. Those Summer Bridge books were a big hit with my girls over the summer vacations. Lindsay has the Time and Money book to go along with her Abeka Math and it is really great. I am sure that Elvis will love it. Have fun with all of the learning.