Monday, February 1, 2010

Shepherd's Heart

Thanks to the generosity of her Nana, Sweet Pea has been attending tutorial/enrichment classes this year. They meet every Monday from August until the end of April. Sweet Pea enjoys academics and we hoped it would be a way for her to meet some friends as well. They have small classes which are favorable for this. It has been HUGE success. Sweet Pea absolutely LOVES her classes, her teachers and her new friends. She doesn't want to miss a minute of it and chatters all the way home every Monday telling me what she did & what she learned.

In December they had a Christmas program. Dave & I agreed it is one of the best programs we have seen in years. They had a great showing of each classes talent. They moved swiftly not wasting a minute or dragging things out. The program was meaningful, extremely enjoyable & entertaining and done in a timely manner. Bravo, Shepherd's Heart!

Of course I took pics! Hee, hee! I am posting those where Sweet Pea participated.

The opening number.
All the kids were on stage and in the aisles singing "Father Abraham" in Spanish.

Poor Bugs must have been exhausted because he fell asleep waiting for the program to begin. He woke up about halfway through the performances.

Elvis watching his big sis.

One of the classes they studied was Percussion. This teacher did an amazing job! Not only did she teach the children for the semester but she choreographed routines for every grade to perform in the program. And they were absolutely fantastic!
The 7th & 8th graders did a two-fold performance. First they did a cup routine at the table. Each took a turn doing a mini-routine and then the others followed.

They flipped the cups, clapped, flipped some more.........well it was awesome!

Next they did a standing routine where they stomped, clapped & slapped in rhythm.

It made you want to get up and try it with them!

Sweet Pea took Speech during the semester. Each class had a speech contest and the winners got to give their speeches during the program. Well, guess who won the speech contest for her grade? Sweet Pea! I was bursting with pride! She did it all on her own. The ideas, the writing, the presentation ......all of it. And she did an superior job at the program. She received several compliments from people we didn't even know. =0) Oh, and the speech was about her favorite family Christmas traditions.

The finale.

Sweet Pea & her percussion teacher.

Sweet Pea & her Spanish teacher.
Ms. Anna is teaching Theater/Drama this semester.

Sweet Pea & her classmate J.


Mama Teaching 2 said...

She is just beaming in those photos!

Heather the Mama Duk said...

Sounds like a very nice program.