Monday, January 11, 2010


Something we've done ever since we could afford it is to get a live Christmas tree. Dave always had one growing up. My family had a fake one at home but we always had a live Balsam at Nana's. Ahhhh.......I can still smell it. Now that we are in TN the trees are different. The needles are very long & soft and the smell is not as strong. But that is okay. We were thrilled to pieces to find a real Christmas tree farm last year! We didn't think we'd be that lucky down in the south. This year we went back to the same farm. The biggest difference between this year & last was the weather. We could have easily worn shorts and t-shirts it was that nice out. It felt strange to be chopping down a tree in prime fall weather. But we still had a great time & even had some hot cocoa.

Standing outside the gift shop.
One of the owners offered to take our picture. How nice of her!

Santa & Bugs

Santa & Princess

She wasn't too fond of the guy.
I couldn't help but giggle & snap a quick pic. She was too precious.

The hunt is on!


Elvis wanted to measure the tree.
He was determined to get one as close to 7ft. as possible.

Daddy cuts it down while Boo helps hold it steady.

A happy crew.

Bugs in the sunshine.

Shaking off the dead needles. The kids love this part.

Boo Bear & Santa.

Elvis & Santa

Me & My Girls

Ready for the tractor ride

The boys LOVE the tractor ride around the farm.

Tree is all ready to go home!
A fun time & one of my favorite traditions!


Megan said...

I love these pictures. What a fun tradition!! I must say that I envy the "balmy" temps! ;)

Rhonda said...

What a wonderful tradition. I still remember that fresh pine scent as a child. My momma HAD to have a live tree every Christmas and still to this day refuses to put up a fake tree. It's the little things that you remember and cherish the most. You are making some wonderful memories for your kids.

Jenn~ said...

This my dear is a picture perfect family tradition! Just looking at everyone coming together for family time and fellowship makes me want to do the holiday all over again!

Jolene said...

You have an award waiting on my blog: