Friday, January 15, 2010

Bass Pro Outlet

Not long before Christmas the kids & I set out on a mission to pick up some toys from a seller on Craig's List. The kids were thrilled to see snow in our yard. We drove up near the airport to meet her. Once that errand was done I realized how close we were to the mall Heidi & I had visited when she was here. We all decided we'd like to go.

The entrance to the Bass Pro shop was very inviting.

This was the kids first visit. They were amazed at all there was to do & see. Bugs had fun racing this remote controlled jeep.

Then there was target shooting.

And a catfish as big as Bugs! More than half as big as Boo Bear.

Princess loved watching the fish swim.

Sweet Pea helps Princess get a closer look.

The rest of the mall finally opened and we went shopping for a hat for Princess. She tried on this cute kitty hat.

And this stylish beret.
We settled on a cute bright colored hat. I forgot to take a pic. =(

We stopped by the Rainforest Cafe gift shop.
Bugs was fascinated by the hippo.

Elvis pretended to be terrified of the snake. Hee, hee!

Bugs literally shouted for joy when he saw the train!

We were able to find some clothes for Princess as well as a sweet monkey. All Christmas presents of course! =)


Rhonda said...

That beret on Princess is just so cute! I ate at the Rainforest Cafe for the first time last year when we went on vacation and I loved it. My girls had already been a few times with my sis and they laughed at me because I was so amazed at everything. I know, I know I am a nerd. LOL! It looks like the kiddos had a fun time.

Kristine said...

Rhonda, I ate there for the first time when my friend Heidi came to visit. I was the same way! Facinated by everything & like a little kid. LOL! So we can be "nerds" together. Hee, hee. Since visiting the gift shop my kids decided they ALL want to go there for their b-day dinner. =0)

Julia said...

So neat! I am going to have to find one of those Rainforest Cafes! The Bass Pro Shop really looked like a lot of fun. And both those hats are absolutely adorable on the baby!

Jenn~ said...

LOVE Bass Pro! You could spend a whole day in one and not see and touch everything! Maybe this will become a new winter tradition for the family! It sure looks like everyone really enjoyed it!