Friday, January 29, 2010

Snowed In

A huge snowstorm hit us today. Well, huge for us Southerners anyway. The part that worried me was the ice. I begged Dave not to go into work & he finally relented. He was grateful for this decision a few hours later when he saw the condition of the roads & many wrecks on t.v. His office even sent everyone home at 10:30 a.m. That NEVER happens! He worked from home instead.
We had prepared for the storm ahead of time so we were all stocked up with milk, bread, eggs, canned goods (in case the electricity went out), & paper goods. I dropped by the library with the kids on Thursday and we all picked up books and a couple of movies. Dave stocked the last of our firewood inside and on the back patio. Let it snow!

I woke up early as I was worried about Dave. Though I was tired I got a lot done with my early start. After doing some laundry & cleaning I started some cooking. Bugs helped me make chicken vegetable soup for lunch.

Then I thawed a pork loin to put in the crockpot.
I couldn't resist showing my savings. Lol.

Chopping more veggies for our soup & onions for the pork dish.
Don't worry he only helped put them in the bowl.

While I took a break to nurse Princess the boys & Sweet Pea made blueberry muffins from scratch to go with our soup.

They love to stir & measure!

Outside the storm had arrived.

The snow came first which surprised us as the forecast was for ice first.

It's hard to see but it was coming down fast & the wind was blowing too. When Bugs & I went out to get the mail it stung us as it hit us in the face.

Lucy found a warm spot to play by the heating vent.

The boys wanted to go out and play. It took forever to find snow gear & get it on them. But we were successful thanks to Daddy helping.

Waiting for Boo to hurry up so they could go out.

And waiting.............

I finally just let them go & off they ran.

They made snow angels.

We 3 girls stayed inside.
Sweet Pea & Princess

Princess wanted Sweet Pea to play.

Snow fun!

Daddy was in the office working hard.

Lucy hung out with Romeo.

I think Bailey had the right idea.

Boo made it outside & they had fun playing together.

Sweet Pea couldn't resist & gave into some playtime.

After playtime we all had a yummy lunch of homemade soup & muffins. Our afternoon was nice & lazy with naps and some schoolwork. I love cozy days at home.


Heather the Mama Duk said...

Looks like a nice snow day!

Mama Teaching 2 said...

I love those kind of days!

Rhonda said...

All that snow is just beautiful. It looks really cold, but sounds like you all had a nice warm meal and were all cozy and warm indoors. Loved all of the photos. Thank you for sharing and stay warm.