Saturday, January 16, 2010

Muscles & Bones

Last weekend Daddy did a science project with the kids. They had their pick and decided on 'Muscles & Bones'.

Gathering the supplies

Drawing an example of what an x-ray looks like.

Cutting for lesson on joints

The different examples of joints. ie: ball & socket

Rolling up newspaper for ball & socket experiment

Looking on as Daddy explains how joints work.

Diagram of different muscles & bones.
Sweet Pea took these pictures as I was getting a much needed break. =0)
She & Boo Bear said they learned a lot.


Julia said...

That looks fun! I hope you enjoyed your break ;) LOL

Rhonda said...

I really like the x-ray drawing. Dang it why didn't I think of that one when we were studying bones. What a great idea.

Jenn~ said...

I think Daddy is a doll for helping out with these assignments and experiments! I love to see hands on activities with the kids!