Saturday, January 16, 2010

Winter Picnic

Our grill has been out of propane for a couple of months. I have longed for the taste of a good piece of grilled meat. This week there was money in the budget to get the tank re-filled. I was very happy when Dave said he was going down to Lowe's today! We planned a picnic dinner to celebrate!

Boo Bear mixed up the lemonade.

Daddy had a grilling buddy tonight. Bugs was very proud of himself. It was adorable to watch him.

Some tastes of summer ~ Cucumbers & tomatoes

You have to have baked beans!

Sweet Pea fed Princess to help out.

Look what I grilled!

Celebrating our winter picnic!

We had hamburgers, hot dogs, pasta salad & chips too. YUM!

Digging in!
Some may think it's silly to celebrate getting gas for the grill. But hey we are a silly family! LOL! Truly it's fun to celebrate the little moments as well as the big. If you haven't tried it lately go ahead. I bet you'll have a blast!


Rhonda said...

Awww this was so sweet. My DH loves to bbq in the winter time. He will always make a fire in the outside firepit so that we all stay pretty cozy. Everything looks so yummy and those cucumbers and tomatoes just made me want to start planting my patio garden early. MMM! It looks like y'all had a very nice picnic. I know what ya mean about getting up the money to fill up the propane tank. We get all excited when we have just a little money to go and grab a bag of charcoal and some fluid to grill. I love little moments like that.

Julia said...

Yum... looks delicious! Now I'm hungry for a winter picnic LOL

MOMMY said...

YUM! Paul grilled out in December during a snowstorm for us. Now you have me wanting burgers on the grill again, just might have to have them later this week! Looks like fun!


Jenn~ said...

This my dear is a fantastic idea! I don't think your family is silly at all! We just grilled T-bones outside with 12+ inches on the ground! You know what I liked best about this post? How everyone in your family pitched in to make it a beautiful night! You are truly blessed!