Monday, January 4, 2010

Award Night!

I was looking through my pics and realized I had never posted these! I wanted to make certain I did because it was such an important night for us. It was the night that the kids were given their trophies for soccer. None of the children have ever received a trophy before making it extra special. (They received medals at their previous soccer program.) Excitement was through the roof as the kids waited for us to set out for the YMCA. They had a neat set up with games, a bouncy slide (indoors!), basketball, a bouncy house (inside), a climbing wall outside, swimming & pizza. They had a little award ceremony for each team. We went through 3 ceremonies at 3 different time slots. It was kind of comical as we'd get done, hang around for about 10-20 min. and then turn right back around and attend the next ceremony.

Boo plays pool for the first time.

Bugs takes a turn.

Hanging Out

Daddy tries to help Elvis.

Beautiful Princess

Big & Little

His face says it all!

Bugs & his buddy.

Boo on the climbing wall. Yep, she's at the top!

Elvis tried the climbing wall for the first time. He had a little trouble getting started but wouldn't give up. Once he got the rhythm he took off.

Shall we call him, "Spiderman"?
(He's in the orange & made it to the top!)

Elvis & his coach.

A very proud boy.

Boo & her team.

Boo & her coach.

Yay, Boo Bear!

After all the ceremonies and some pizza it was time to hit the pool!

Daddy swims with Princess.

Playing around

Creature from the lagoon?

Hanging out in style!

Sweet Sisters

The night was a HUGE hit! We're already looking forward to spring!


Alison said...

I am an avid reader of your blog.. I just gave you 2 awards.. I hope you accept them!

Julia said...

I have nominated you for two awards, you can find them on my blog :)

Rhonda said...

Please visit my blog. I have nominated you for two awards. ♥