Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Trip to Petco

Last week we went on a tour of Petco. A mom from one of our homeschool groups set it up and it was great. Thank you again, Colleen! We were able to see lots different animals and learned quite a bit. If you have this opportunity I highly recommend it!

My bunch at Petco.

Learning about different types of birds.

This bird was quite entertaining. He LOVED to have his tummy rubbed. If no one was paying attention to him he'd hop around his cage making noise & nudging at the guide if she was close enough. He only stopped when she would pet him. Too funny!

Bird watchers

Learning about the Guinea Pig.
The mice & rats were my least favorite in this corner. *shudder* The Guinea Pig was cute and I focused on him. The children of course loved all of them.

Think we can set them free?

Look Mommy!

Bugs watching the ferrets. My kids thought they were oh so cute but I had to admit seeing them up close they looked like long, skinny rats to me. Another mom agreed.

E-boy & Sweet Pea observe the ferrets. Actually E-boy was sweet talking them. Wonder what they thought of that? Lol!

Boo joins the group to watch the overgrown rats wrestle. It was quite entertaining and we watched for quite awhile.

E-boy & his buddy were fascinated by the shark fish.

These boys were fun to watch as they explored & observed. Their excitement was contagious!

Learning some fish facts.

I forgot what she said this thing was. I'm guessing a type of lizard. It was neat and basically he's all bark & no bite. (No teeth)

She kept moving the turtle so the photo is blurry. But you get the idea. My kids now want a turtle. Ummmm.....I'll think about it. I have to admit he is cute. And easy to catch if he were to escape his cage.

Bugs had a great time and was thrilled with all the animals. He can say 'fish' & 'bird' and was happy to name them over & over again. He was extremely well behaved. Yay, Bugs!

A photo with our tour guide.

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