Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sound the Battle Cry!

I'll miss you, friends.

Good-bye! *sniff, sniff*

Yes, I see you.

Okay, okay......

Sound the battle cry! WEIGHT BE GONE!

Dave & I have decided to do something about our "budda bellies". I'm tired of looking like I'm 6 months pregnant and frankly so is Dave (tired of his belly, that is). That's not to say I would mind being pregnant again but that's a whole other topic. Since we have practically nothing left in the cupboards anyway we are using this grocery shopping trip to begin our endeavor. Splitting up the duties I did the research, complied the menus and made & printed out both shopping lists. Dave did the actual footwork, or as we call it the "hunting and gathering". The plan is to start slow. A planned menu, a little exercise........Some progress is better than none, right? Also one of my best friends, Chris is my accountability partner. I find I always do much better when I have to report in. She's both encouraging & tough at the same time. No making me feel like a failure but also not letting me cheat every night at the stroke of 12. Good combo. I also realize that making this public announcement seals my fate. Hmmmm........there's the delete button.

So wish us luck & remember us in your prayers! Here's hoping the next time some of you see us there will be less to behold! Lol!

P.S. Anyone want to join our party?


Megan said...

I'm so proud of you! I would love to see some of your menu plans. :) I am working on a similar project - trying to plan out our menu and grocery lists for the year. It certainly helps to plan ahead... Please keep us posted on how it goes. We could all use some of your inspiration.

Amy said...

Good for you guys!!! I wish Ihad the willpower to do that!! We could use to shed a bunch of pounds!!

As for meal planning, how do you stick to it? I have tried in the past but it seems "life" happens and I give in and order out-it kills our plan but more our wallet. Help!! I need to learn how to stay strong!!

Again, congratulations on your decisiion!! I too would love to see some menu plans. I am always looking for new things to make.


Alison said...

Oh good luck!! I'm on the same path!! I start walking tomorrow morning at 5:30am!! I've lost like 16 pounds but need to firm up badly..3 kids in 3 years did me in!!

I do a loose meal planning so I know it can be done..and the key is buy no snacks and junk..we never do at the store unless we have a planned event!!

Good luck chick..wanna meet at the Bike trail one day to walk???

Kristine said...

Alison ~ Yes! I'd LOVE to meet up on the bike trail to walk!

Megan ~ I'll try to send those meal plans soon!

Amy ~ That's actually why I have to write it all down. Otherwise life takes over too easily. Lol.

Thank you ladies for the encouragement!