Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Crazy Week & Other Babblings

We have VBS all week so it's going to be an even busier, crazier week than usual. Dave & I are each leaders. I'm kind of bummed b/c we arent' in the same group this year. The "down times" (when we are waiting for the kids to do crafts or eat snack), are dull without him. Usually we joke around and have a good ol' time. Wah. But I did have fun with my group. I have all girls so far. They are ages 9-10. Just happened that way but kind of neat. My Boo is in my group and my favorite kid in my church, (besides my own of course), Rachel is in my group again this year. I'm thrilled! She is such fun to be with and loves Jesus with her whole heart. My favorite thing about her is that she is not afraid to be herself. I admire that in one so young. She's leaving for vacation on Wed. so I'll only get her 2 nights. I'm sad about that. But we'll have fun tonight!

I've invited some others to come and so far 2 have attended. One is Boo's good friend M. Being the good mama I made sure that M. was in our group too. They had a great time together last night. It's good to see Boo finding a best friend.

Sweet Pea is up at Nana's this weekend. My Uncle Bryce is up there too. She is having a ball being spoiled rotten by both of them. This is an annual trip for her and she looks forward to it. Though I miss her it is good for both S.P. and I.

We're going to try to start our Ocean Unit today. I've tried for 2 weeks now to start. Will today be the day? Stay tuned..................................

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