Monday, July 16, 2007

Our Birthday Boy ~ The Party

Several of you have asked me about E-boy's birthday party. I'm sorry I'm late in getting these pictures up.

Warning: You are about to see A LOT of pictures. Please note that these are only 1/2 of what I took at the party. Be prepared. You may be subjected to the whole lot sometime in the future.
We had a WONDERFUL day. The weather was perfect and not a drop of rain. Thank you everyone for your prayers! The party went by quickly for me but I think it was just right for the birthday boy. He loved his party & everyone celebrating with him.

This is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE picture of my boy at his party.

I bought bubbles at Price Rite and then printed out colored pictures of Rescue Heroes and taped them to the bubbles. Wah-la! Rescue Hero bubbles extraordinaire!

Sweet Pea colored these pictures for me and I cut them out and glued them to construction paper & craft sticks. I then used them as decor on the tables.

Birthday Banner

The girls made a banner for the birthday boy. These are some of the pics Boo colored and we glued on to decorate it.

Labor of Love
The girls worked late at night on a banner for their brother.


This was actually taken at the end of the party. E-boy wanted to give his friend Declan something. He was thrilled that Declan came to celebrate his special day. He gave his friend his football. It was neat b/c Declan told Ian he had always wanted one. This picture warms my heart.

Rescue Heroes
Again I found these online. I made this poster using some of E-boy's favorite Rescue Heroes and their bios. He plans to hang it in his room now.

This is a collage I made of E-boy. I wish I had thought of the idea sooner than the night before the party as I would have used more pictures of him as he was growing up. I still think it turned out nice. The memories are precious.

More Rescue Heroes
E-boy also wants to hang this one in his room.

Jae & Declan blowing bubbles with a very excited Boo.

Noah & Sweet Pea preparing the water balloons.
S. Pea asked me how to fill them up. I turned to her with a smile and said,"I'm sure Noah already knows how." He laughed & heartily agreed.

My dear friend Alison saying, "Don't you dare take my pic...................."
Gotcha, Alison! LOL!

What is this? A scooter!!!!!!

And now a cool truck! Yay!

The one gift he has been asking for forever....Wendy Waters.

Pinata Time!
This of course is the birthday boy himself taking a whack at the pinata. I had told the children only one whack thinking they would go a few rounds. I forgot that Noah aka The Bruiser would be taking a turn too. Lol!

This game was fun. We pretended the playhouse was on fire and the children were the Rescue Heroes. They had to throw the water balloons at the house to put out the fire. After the fire was all out I awarded them with special Rescue Hero medals we had made and laminated. Everyone enjoyed this game. As you can see the adults couldn't resist and joined right in. Hee, hee!

More water balloons.

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday, dear E-boy!
Happy Birthday to you!
And many moooooooore!

Not Exactly As Planned
This is not the cake we had planned to make. The one we had in mind was more of a 3-D fire truck. But time gets away from you when you are making food for a picnic lunch, making all the decorations, wrapping presents , etc. etc. So this is what Dave & my Mom were able to do at literally the last minute. E-boy still loved it so all was well. Besides it tasted delicious and that's the most important part anyway, right?

Making a Wish
The breeze was too much for all the candles but he did manage to blow out his main candle.

Those tires are delicious!

Hanging out while Bugs samples everyone's plates.

These two are so cute together.

Jadziah & Bugs
See the expression on Bugs' face? Makes me wonder what he is thinking at that moment. *grin*

Some of the Decor
It was a wonderful party. Stay tuned there is more to come. Did you think that was all we did that day? Of course not!

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Amy said...

You did a wonderful job on his party!!! The whole family did. Thanks for sharing!