Thursday, July 12, 2007

Time for a Trim

June 30th

It's that time again. My baby was barely peeking through his curly locks and that meant they needed to be trimmed. I still can't bear to cut all his curls off. Some think it's time but I'm waiting. He's still young enough and he sports his curls in a boyish manner. *grin* Don't worry, I did the same thing with his older brother and he is still all boy. Funny how my boys both inherited the curls but my girls got their mother's straight-as-a-pin hair. I love his curls and will be sad when they have to go.


It takes two to hold Mr. Wiggles still.

Moving right along......

This boy has a lot of hair!

He's being a very good boy.

All done! I think he's handsome....what do you think?

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