Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Blessing in Disguise

Recently we had a HUGE storm complete with booming thunder & wicked lightening. We unplugged almost everything & shut all the windows. It was sweltering inside the house but the good part was we were together. Because we couldn't do our after supper clean-up or watch t.v. it gave us some family time. The storm turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Hello, up there!

Rescue Heroes have become very popular in our home.

Showing me his car.

I had to keep backing up in order to take the picture. Lol!

Bugs loves to dance! We sang songs and he clapped & did his little jig. Don't ya just love the curls?

Perfect time to clean her bedroom! She didn't agree.

Deep concentration.

Ooops, lost a piece. Where did that thing go?

I was laughing the whole time b/c I knew it was on the table. Hee, hee!

E-boy joins the group.

Can I play too?

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