Thursday, July 12, 2007


Last week I decided it would be fun to meet Dave for lunch at the park. There is a park only a block or two from where he works and it is a perfect meeting place. I packed the children up and didn't tell them where we were going until we made the turn to Daddy's workplace. Of course by then they had guessed. Hee, hee! We bought lunch since this was a spur of the moment picnic. It still was a bargain and well worth every penny. After we ate we played in the park for a bit. The children were very happy to see Daddy in the middle of the day. Later Dave emailed me telling me it had also made HIS day. And of course that made MY day! Isn't that neat?

I just ADORE this picture! He makes my heart melt with that face.

Lunch time!

Digging in.

This was extremely funny to watch. Dave & I were sitting at the picnic table across the park. Boo & E-boy were trying to get on the see-saw. Because they weigh about the same amount, (yes, almost 4 years apart and they weigh almost the same), they couldn't get on the thing. One would try to get on and the other couldn't weigh their side down enough to climb on. We chuckled for a bit at their antics and then Daddy finally took pity on them and helped out.

It works!

In answer to your unspoken question,
"No, it's no fun to go down on your bum."

A hush falls over the crowd as she prepares to make her decent. Will she do it? Will she win the gold?

Another funny:
E-boy was having a blast with his sister. BUT every time he went up in the air Boo hit the ground hard. And I mean hard. That made E bounce up in the air off of his seat and land again with a big "plop". And every time that happened he'd laugh and say, "Ow". So it went like this, "Bang", "Hee,hee,hee!", "OW!" Over & over & over again. Comical indeed!

Our little cowboy. *insert Ponderosa theme song*

Daddy & Bugs

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