Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sprouts & More!

Our seeds have sprouted! Both in the garden & in the containers we have seen growth. It's exciting to think that we will be enjoying fresh produce in several weeks. We can hardly wait!

The kids bean seeds have sprouted & are now small plants. They were super excited when they peeked out through the rain and saw the growth.

Even our flower seeds have sprouted! I am eager to see if they will make it into flowers.

Not certain if this is a cucumber or squash.......

A row of either squash or cucumbers. It's too early to tell yet.

A row of bean plants.

The pepper plants are doing well & one even has a flower on it.

Our poor tomato plants either rotted out from all the rain or something chewed them off at the base. I'm betting on the first choice simply b/c I think if a critter had crawled in it would have eaten the bean plants as well. We'll buy some more plants and pray these make it.

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