Saturday, May 16, 2009

Grabbing the Sunshine

Goodness we have had a lot of rain here this spring! I have been told that this is a higher than normal rainfall. Dave & I were laughing over the fact that ever since we moved here the weather has not been "normal". What did we bring with us when we moved from the north? Hmmmm...........

We had a peek of sunshine last week and I dove on it. Sweet Pea wasn't feeling well and she stayed home. The 4 youngest and I packed up and headed to one of their favorite playgrounds. Boo & Elvis even packed everyone a lunch.

Soon after we arrived Bugs started showing signs that he was coming down with the same cold everyone else had suffered through at home. Poor little guy.

Princess received many compliments. Many people think she looks like a little baby doll.

Boo took some pics for me of the boys.


Elvis flew right across these monkey bars. He is strong!

Hanging around

Two little monkeys

Boo was very kind to Bugs & cheered him up by going on the swings.

Part of the castle

What a good big sister!

Elvis on the tire swing.

Water break!

More swing time

A sleeping Princess in the snug sack

Mommy & Princess

You can see here Bugs was not happy.

We had a good time at the park. It was wonderful to get outside in the sunshine. Bugs fell asleep about 2 minutes after we left. He was all tuckered out!

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