Monday, May 25, 2009

Frugal Update

Remember a few posts ago when I wrote an entry entitled, "Pinching Pennies"? I have been working on some of those goals I listed. I'm excited to share my progress with you. I find it helps hold me accountable to share. Plus I enjoy hearing from those who are on the frugal path as well. New ideas are always welcome & I love hearing about great deals others have found. The progress I've made so far:

"#2 Clip & Organize Coupons
I want to get a system down pat to save time & increase savings."

I have been working hardest on this goal. The past few weeks we have purchased a paper on Sunday & last week purchased two. I have heard from 2 sources now that you should ideally purchase as many papers as you have members in your family. I think we'll build up to that to test if it is really worth the $. For us that would mean $10-$12 & I don't want to waste that. I have been hunting down coupons on the Internet as well. I've printed off a bunch of them and they have really paid off. Yay! As for a system that is a work in progress. I bought my mini photo albums and am still working on sorting all my coupons. I have been acquiring them so rapidly that I haven't been able to keep up with the sorting & organizing. I have however been sorting them into which store to use them at. I match them up with the sales that give me the best deals. Then I put my store list & coupons in an envelope and title it for the specific store. I try to organize my coupons in the same order that is on the list. It helps save time when I'm shopping & also helps me not to lose track. Most of the time I am shopping with my children so the less I have to concentrate & think the better as they are constantly distracting me. I am finding that my work is paying off - literally - and this is so satisfying. I'll be posting soon about some of the bargains I've found!

"#4 Use Kroger Card
Our church set us up in this program where you can earn $ when you spend it. We have to pay ahead on the gift card to do it but it earns us cash to spend wherever we'd like. Sweet! I also need to figure out the gas savings program."

We've been using this faithfully now. It's not too tough it's just a matter of making it a habit. I haven't figured out the gas thing yet but am determined to. We have lots of earned points & need to use them by the end of June or we lose them. Motivation!

"#5 Buy Washable Nursing Pads
I'm going through these like crazy & they are expensive considering they are little circles of paper! Plus the ones I am currently using aren't working all that well."

I'm happy to report I bought my washcloths! They are all set & ready to be used. I drop them right in the laundry and they are ready to be reused. No more disposable ones for me!

"#6 Inventory of Homeschool Curriculum, Etc.
Here in Tennessee I have more freedom to school with the curriculum I want. I want to take inventory & use what I already have before purchasing additional items. The kids are older now & I can use a lot of what I have been saving."

I looked through our materials and found a bunch of things to use for the children next year. I still couldn't find that math book for Elvis. I'm sure it will turn up someday. I wasn't able to find it locally & was not too thrilled about ordering it & having to pay the shipping. Seems wasteful to me to pay $5 or more to ship an $8, skinny, paperback workbook. Good grief that's more than half of what the book cost! I was thrilled when an email from CBD arrived offering me free shipping for a week. Talk about God's timing! I did have to order at least $35 worth of merchandise to qualify for the free shipping deal. That was easily solved by ordering the lost workbook and then the next two for Elvis plus the next two for Boo Bear. They will be needing them soon anyway. I also ordered a book my friend Megan had recommended to me. All things I needed to get anyway and NO shipping or tax! Yahoo!

"#11 Find & Use Internet Coupons
Back in MA we weren't allowed to use Internet coupons (printed coupons). The stores wouldn't accept them. Down here I am told they will. So onto researching, printing, & clipping!"

As I mentioned above I have been working on this especially hard. I've found & printed all the coupons allowed to me. Sweet Pea has been helpful in cutting them out. I get so excited whenever I find another freebie or great coupon site. Isn't that funny how fun finding bargains can be?

"#14 Nurse Princess
This may sound silly but formula is EXPENSIVE! If I nurse as long as possible this saves a TON of $$. Plus it's good for Princess & for me too. Win-win!"

So far this has been going well. In addition to the regular nursing I was able to buy a breast pump with a generous gift from our friends Karen & Larry (back home in MA) & my Aunt Sharon & cousin Laura. THANK YOU! This helps save $ in the long run & keeps Princess set in "Mommy Milk". =)

"#1 Make My Own Laundry Detergent
This is especially important now that we have moved. I no longer have access to the 100oz./$1.99 deal detergent I used to be able to buy. And detergent is super expensive!"

I haven't made this yet as I haven't had time. Plus I realized I forgot to buy a bucket with a lid to store it in. Back in MA when I made it I stored it in my empty detergent bottles. I don't have any saved up here. I did however buy the washing soda, Borax & Ivory soap. I'm ready to go as soon as I get that bucket!


So, this is the progress I've made thus far. I'm excited about all the $ I've saved & hope to save in the near future. I'll keep ya'll posted on my ongoing progress. I'll also be posting about my latest shopping trips. I hope it's an encouragement to ya'll & as always feel free to share your tips & success with me too!

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Megan said...

This is a HUGE motivation and encouragement to me! You have inspired me so much with your positive attitude toward this adventure. Thank you for your great tips. I can't wait to hear more!