Sunday, May 31, 2009

Laptop Woes

I'm having some trouble with my laptop. It keeps overheating & shutting down after only a little bit. It's also very slow loading. I think it's the fan but since it's now much worse than it was even a week ago there may be an additional problem. We called a couple of places but even only a diagnosis costs $85. Good grief! I have an email into a homeschool graduate that works on computers. I'm waiting to see if he can help me for a better deal. I'm trying to get blog posts done but because I keep getting shut down & it's taking forever to load I may be very slow in getting posts up. I'm getting way behind! I'm praying this will be a simple fix & not cost as much as a new computer! We just finally paid this one off. =(

I'll keep praying & trying to post. In the meantime know I'm still here & hoping to post more for everyone soon!


MOMMY said...

Oh no! Do you have a desktop to use in the meantime? We only have our desktop and have toyed with the idea of a laptop or even a netbook for a while. I really missed the computer while we were away for a few days. It would have come in handy for directions and such. The last day we were not sure what to do and I found a great idea on the computer AFTER we got home! It is amazing how we use them so much! Good luck with the repairs!!!!

I am so sorry that I have not really been in touch much. THings are crazy here. I spent a good chunk of the week with sick kiddos and cleaned a bunch. Does it look it still, no way! I try to organize but it never seems to work out. I am following you on yoru frugal persuits. I am also working on many of those things too. I should post more about it. Right now we are doing montly grocery shopping for basics and one quick run for perishables only once a week. It is helping me a great deal-I just have to remind myself and the kids if we run our of Fluff for example that it is not a necessity and can wait until I do the BIG shop. We will see!

Anyway, sorry for rambling! I hope all is well and I can't wait to see more posts and chat some soon!!!!

Megan said...


Thank you for letting us know. I'm so sorry that you're dealing with this frustration. :( Selfishly, I'm disappointed because I can't wait to see all of your pictures. They are a highlight of my week! Love you.