Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Special Celebration

This month we had little Princess dedicated to the Lord. This has always been an important tradition & celebration for Dave and I. It means that we are promising that we will raise our child(ren) to follow the Lord. We promise to teach them about Jesus & the Bible. We also promise to guide them to their own relationship with Jesus and to grow in their relationship. Doing this before others holds us accountable to this promise. It also is a time where our church family also promises to help teach & guide our child(ren) in the ways of Jesus. It is a very, very special time to us. This was Princess's turn and though we are in a new church it was still extremely special. What made it even more so was that her dedication happened on Mother's Day. I loved that this happened. I wish our families & close friends could have been with us to celebrate this special day and witness her dedication but it was not to be this time. But we did have all of our children with us and that made it precious.

There were 15 families dedicating their children on Mother's Day evening. We all stood in a line in front of the stage & waited for our names to be called.

Princess cried through almost the entire dedication. I decided to see the humor in it. It was either that or cry, right? Lol.

Praying for our precious child & her future.

Our oldest & our youngest.

Mama & Her Chicks on Mother's Day

It's hard to get 5 children to all look at the camera & smile at once. Lol.

My darling youngest child.

Mama & Princess

Proud Parents

Thank you, Lord for the privilege of raising & loving this precious priceless little girl.

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Megan said...


These pictures are gorgeous, and you look absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing this special day with us. I wish so much I could have been there.