Thursday, May 21, 2009

Berry Pick'in

Saturday we decided to take a chance on the weather & go strawberry picking. It had rained most of the week & rain was supposed to arrive again. It was sunny when we started out & beautiful so we loaded up the van & took off. Elvis was really excited to go as he LOVES strawberries. We arrived, gathered our plastic baskets they provided & headed out into the fields. I had Princess in the snugly sack and strapped on. There were only 2 other couples picking and I was surprised. Back in MA when we would go it would always be crowded. The kids did a great job picking & followed our instructions on which berries to pick. I mainly spotted & directed as it was hard to bend over with Princess strapped on. Plus she didn't like being tipped over. We left with 4 baskets full & tummies full as well.

Walking to the strawberry fields.

Cute sign.

The bee hives we passed by on the way to the fields.

Boo & Sweet Pea got right to work.

Dave helped Bugs find the right strawberries.

Elvis did a great job filling his basket.

Boo checking out an odd shaped berry.

Bugs had juice all over his face. He enjoyed eating them much more than picking! Lol!

These fields were set up very nicely with an irrigation system and raised beds.
It was nice not to have to bend all the way down to the ground or wade through straw. My allergies really appreciated the latter.

Sweet Pea finds the perfect berry.

We heard thunder and finished up very quickly. As we drove away from the farm we saw the dark clouds coming fast. We knew God had timed it perfectly for us.

We stopped on the way so Dave could take this photo. Isn't it neat? We wanted to take more of the scenery as it was beautiful farm country but it grew dark too quickly.
Dave put up all the berries that were left after the kids got to them. I think they ate at least 1/2 a basket or more! Dave, Boo, & Elvis returned on Monday night to pick more berries for jam. I can't wait to give it a try!

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