Monday, May 11, 2009

Giggle of the Day

We went shopping on Saturday. While Sweet Pea, Bugs, Princess & I were waiting in the van for the other 3 to return I listened to Bugs & Sweet Pea's conversation in the back of the van.

Bugs: " I don't like slobber."

Sweet Pea: "You don't? Why?"

Bugs: "It's yucky."

Sweet Pea: "Oh, anything else?"

Bugs: "Yeah, girls."

Sweet Pea: "What about girls?"

Bugs: "They slobber."

I burst out laughing and so did Sweet Pea. Bugs was 100% serious as he said these things which made it all the more hilarious. You never know what a 3- yo boy is going to say!

1 comment:

tammy said...

LOL....boys...esp 3 year old boys, can be hilarious!! ;)