Thursday, May 7, 2009

Scary Accident

Tonight we had a shocking thing happen. I heard several car doors shutting right outside our house and thought this was unusual as we don't know anyone that would drop by. I peeked out the window and was immediately alarmed to see two cars stopped in the middle of the street and a young man lying face down in the street. My first thought was "PHONE!" I tore down the stairs and burst out the front door. Once outside I yelled to the people standing asking them if they had a phone. The young ladies whose friend was on the ground didn't but the lady in the next car (turned out to be my across the street neighbor) did have a cell phone. After a couple minutes of seeing how the young man was and trying to figure out what I could do I ran back into the house for a blanket. I have heard that often people need a blanket because of shock. Back outside again we debated a little over whether to put the blanket on him since it was muggy out. I decided to compromise and draped it on him from the waist down. We talked to him encouraging him not to move & that help was on the way. The firetruck showed up first soon followed by an ambulance. We have a station right down the road about 1-2 minutes away, thank God. They checked him over, braced his neck, gave him oxygen and bandaged where needed. Then they rolled him onto a backboard and put him in the ambulance. Through it all the guy didn't say a word. I don't think he could.

I felt badly not only for him, of course, but for the two girls that were in the car with him & his cousin. They looked quite shaken up. It turns out that one of the girls was driving and they were all goofing around. The young guy tossed some of his food out the window and then threatened to jump out of the car. According to the girl driving he does this often and it's always a joke. He never actually does it. They aren't sure if he meant to jump out or in his kidding around accidentally fell out. Either way he ended up face first on the street with a badly banged up head that was bleeding quite a bit, cuts on his arms & legs and who knows what going on inside. Please pray for him. I wish I had a way I could find out how he is doing but I will need to leave it in the Lord's hands. I will definitely be praying for him tonight & in the days to come.

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SAHMinIL said...

Hope he's okay... scary... glad you could help...