Wednesday, September 1, 2010


They are done! Well, the boys' are anyway. =0) I stayed up until 3a.m. the past 2 nights, plugged many other hours in as well and am proud to say they are done! Actually now that we have looked at them together there are a couple things I want to add to Elvis' but that's okay. I expected that. I am really pleased with how they turned out. So many times I have an idea in my mind but it comes out nothing like what I imagined. These actually did! Lol!

We decided to name them "Learning Corners". They are my version of mini-offices and study carousels combined. I wanted ours to be similar in size to the carousels we used to have in elementary school. But I liked the way mini-offices had eye-catching reference helps for the kids. Being that I like options I wanted something I could change around when needed or desired. Then this idea came to mind.
I was going to make my own out of cardboard boxes but then found these colorful, display boards on sale at Hobby Lobby. They came to only $2.50 each! I then ordered some fun, laminated and non-laminated study helps and bookmarks from rainbowresourcecenter and found the rest online. I laminated 99% of them running them through the machine twice so they would be more secure and last longer. I put Velcro tabs on the back too so that they can be interchanged as needed. I added pockets for paper and other references. In addition to all this I plan to keep a main reference pocket that I will be in charge. I also like the size of these b/c they can use them on the floor, at the table at their desk.....pretty much anywhere in the house. They block the t.v., siblings and any distractions from sight. Definitely needed in our small living/study area! I finished the boy's and couldn't wait to give them to the boys. Come see!

It folds up all nice and neat.
A great way to keep it a surprise too! =)

Ta dah!
Checking out all the goodies.

                              Time for Bugsy!

The excitement!
Elvis used his right away.

A Closer Look

A Closer Look

I plan to add a 'Days of the Week' to the top of his and his name. Everyone will have their names on them but I left them off to take pics for this blog. I found a really cool website with fantastic U.S. currency facts. They have it set up so I can print it pretty easily. I'll be adding that soon as well. Elivs saw it and is excited as he LOVES currency.

A Work in Progress
I worked on Boo's last night too but finally had to call it a night. I hope to finish it this weekend. After that....... one for Sweet Pea!


Rhonda said...

These are just awesome! You did a wonderful job and I am sure that the kids will get lots of use out of them. WTG girl!

Stephanie said...

Those look AWESOME! I like the idea of using them to block out other distractions as well :)

Claire said...

Those are so cool...I love them!

Jolene said...

Those look fantastic!!! Well done

Donette said...

They look great!
I found a store close by that sells those boards so I might try one.

God bless

Julia said...

Oh, those are so, so awesome!! Love them!

Tammy Strausser said...

This is the most amazing idea! Awesome!

Kristine said...

Thanks, everyone for your kind words. It thrills me that others think they are neat. =0)