Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sweet Pea

As promised here is a view of Sweet Pea's binder. She is in high school now and therefore has many extras in her binder.

Like the younger ones she has a pocket to keep her daily school tools.

I am having her keep her own attendance sheet this year.

She has an added daily checklist. I did one like this for myself years ago. I thought she might like one too. I laminated it so she can use it daily.
I blocked out names for privacy. The arts & crafts & K-5 skills are to be done with Bugsy. These are not every day but at least twice per week so I put them on the daily sheet. Playtime is with Princess.

Her learning checklist.

She is keeping an exercise log this year too.
This is not only for her health but for her P.E. credit.

I got this idea from another source and loved it. She is keeping a daily/weekly journal to help her grow not only in her academics but in her work life, spiritual life, family life, etc. Everything is based on our faith.

Another category from her journal.
There are many more that are titled "The Importance of..........
..............God's Creation & Design, .........God's World, ........Personal Accomplishments, .........Relationships with Others, .......Spiritual Gifts & Creativity, ..........Communication, ..........Reading. Like the above photos they have sub-categories after the category titles. These are to help her reflect on her goals, her growth & her God. I feel this is the time in her life where she starts to seriously reflect on who she is and who God has created her to be. To seek His will & to discover what an amazing creation of God she is.

Her Library Book record.

These are free pages to journal as she wishes. She can take notes, journal in general about her day or whatever. She loves animals which is why I selected this design for her.

These are for her science. She is doing it with our co-op this year.
We will be placing lab sheets either in here or a notebook. I am letting her decide.

Daily Planner
In addition to the above photos she has her learning schedule, field trip report page, 4-year high school course of study, & grading scale. She has extra pages of each in the back placed in page protector sheets. There are dividers and tabs for placement of her completed work too. Her binder is a 3 inch one & quite full! =0)

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Rhonda said...

I am, sure that she is loving her binder. I know that my high schooler loves hers. Everything is right at her fingertips.