Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Daily Binder

And last but not least here is mine. I used some things I have had here in the past & then added some new things given to me by a friend & ideas I gleaned from that same, creative friend. I hope you like it!
(BTW, if you want to see a larger image just click on it.)

I bought this several years ago. It's huge but I love it. I am a storage gal and adore all the pockets, zippers, handles & do-dads. Lol!

I got this idea from Rhonda! I have my own pocket with my daily school tools. In addition to what the kids have in theirs I have a Sharpie and Post-Its. What would I do without those?

My calendar. On the back is 2011.

Our Weekly Schedule
The kids each have one of these in their binders as well.
I didn't post all the days for privacy. I didn't think posting where we would be every day & evening to the world would be a good idea. =0)
This is our Daily Learning Schedule.
The kids each have one of these in there binders too.

This is the list I was referring to in Sweet Pea's post. I designed hers after mine. Since mine was several years old, (made it when Elvis was a few months old), I tweaked it. Like Sweet Pea's mine is laminated to save on time, paper & ink.

Week At A Glance

The children's Daily Learning Schedules.
I color coded them for the kids. Bugsy = Blue
(You've probably guessed but the barrette is to cover up real names. It's not a permanent part of the sheet. Lol!)

Red = Elvis

Green = Boo Bear

Pink = Sweet Pea

Grading Scale
Sweet Pea has the same one in her binder.

My place to write down the kid's daily assignments & accomplishments.

I received all the colored pages from a great friend. Thank you! =0)
The white sheet is to record our family reading.

Field Trips.
This is the same one the kids have in their binders. I will record Bugsy's for him.

Long term assignments I have given to the children.
If I don't write it down, "POOF!", it's gone! ROTFL!
I have some other helps in there: Some hints from Fly Lady, a slot for reward stickers, a list for menus, contact info., shopping list, planning pages, sign language alphabet, extra pages, all 3 soccer schedules, some more helpful tip pages from my great friend, AWANA events calendar, pantry inventory, freezer inventory, office supply store reward card #'s, and notepad. There are lots of cool pockets too. I have my notes, Sweet Pea's 4-year plan of study and misc. worksheets in those. I love having everything in one place! In the morning I grab it & head downstairs ready to start!

Thanks again, Rhonda for all your inspiration!

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Rhonda said...

I am loving all of this, Kristine. I am so glad that I helped to inspire you. I think that you are really going to like being so organized. It just helps, the days, weeks, months, and school year go so smoothly.