Friday, September 17, 2010

First Full Day of Family Co-op

Our first full day of family co-op was packed with learning & fun. The kids loved being together with their friends. We found some things to tweak but even with that I felt it was a very successful day.

Mrs. Jen started our day with a devotional.

Our first subject was science taught by Mrs. Abby.

We did experiments to see how the lungs work.

Then we studies ocean currents.

Hair dryers simulated wind/air & the Cheerios helped us to see the currents.

Everyone got a turn!

Next we studied warm & cold currents.

Subject #2 was Health.

Mrs. Niki taught us about how each of us was created special by God.
She made silhouettes for everyone & then each child listed things that they liked. We shared these to get to know each other better. It was neat seeing how much we have in common & how different we all are.

I taught our Prairie Primer lesson.
We ate homemade cornbread dipped in homemade butter. Yum!

We made tons of butter!

Every child had a chance to shake the jars over & over again.

Sweet Pea made cornbread at home & brought it in for our snack.
We also reviewed questions & vocab., talked about the steps in making butter & discussed fiction & non-fiction.

Mrs. Jen taught World Geography.
Here are J. & Elvis with their passports!

The little ones had an adjoining room all to themselves to play in. They each took a short nap & had snacks too. They did join us at points during the day as it's no fun being cooped up in the same room all day! =0)

The beach ball was a popular toy.

Busy girl!


The high school kids were in an adjoining room & taught by Mrs. Jody. I took pictures of them, (and lots of the other children) on Jody's camera. I only brought my point & shoot and had limited room on my memory card. Thanks, Jody!
I love how we are all working together to give our children these hands on learning opportunities. It is also great to have many ages working together. The older kids join us & when they are in their own room I can peek in any time. I get to see my kids all day & we get to be with friends too! Love it!


Rhonda said...

What an awesome co-op group! I love how they make sure that all of the kids stay entertained, even the little ones.

Jolene (Monsters Ed) said...

Oh wow!!! That looks like a ton of fun!!! I wish we had something like that here!!!

Julia said...

That sounds like such a great day. You all did a lot of fun stuff! I especially love the butter making... that's always a huge hit here!