Monday, September 27, 2010

Elvis' Birthday

As more birthdays are approaching I realized I never posted photos of Elvis' birthday. Oh no! I apologize to the relatives I've kept waiting.
We had a grand time on his special day. On his actual birthday we went to the lake & then out for Chinese food. Oh so yummy! Of course he enjoyed his presents too. He got a big surprise this year as you will soon see.

At the lake with his new goggle
It is our tradition for our birthday child to pick both a special place to go on their big day & what they'd like to feast on for their birthday dinner.

Having fun at the lake.

Boo made this turtle sculpture free hand.

Enjoying out picnic lunch.

Time for dinner!
These ladies were so sweet. They heard us talking about it being Elvis' birthday. Before we knew it they came out with this beautiful cake & sang happy birthday. Elvis was BEAMING!

Beautiful design!

Now for presents!
This was from Boo. She knows how he likes clowning around. Lol!

Could it be?

Y-E-S! Silly bands!

A Buzz Lightyear cup from Sweet Pea.

For the pool.

He's been wanting one of these for a long time.

Do you see a theme?



A bank from Sweet Pea.
He LOVES saving his money.

Yes, he received all 3 sets of Toy Story 3 silly bands.

A very grateful boy!

Now for his biggest surprise!

And his favorite color to boot!

I don't think his grin could get any bigger!

Some of his new silly bands!

Showing off his new, glow in the dark shirt.

Bugsy couldn't resist. Lol!

Trying out his new bike.

His birthday cake.

Making a wish............

Our birthday boy!


It was a fantastic 2-day celebration!


Rhonda said...

What a great party with some awesome gifts. And ice cream cake to boot! Yum!

Julia said...

That looks like such an awesome birthday!