Monday, September 20, 2010

A Day Out With Thomas

Bugsy has been waiting for this ALL year! He went last year for his birthday & has literally been counting down until Thomas came to Nashville again. This year he went with Daddy. They went earlier in the day & it was a great choice. The weather couldn't have been more perfect either.

Playing in the train tent.

Dave said Bugs played this over & over & over again.

Watching a Thomas video.

The big moment! Riding behind Thomas!
Here he is showing Daddy the quarter he found on the train.

Some of the scenery.

Look at that grin!

We LOVE Thomas!

The magic show.

The grounds. Full of fun stuff to do!
I love that you pay one price to get in & do everything.

Sir Topham Hatt

He LOVES the bouncy slides & houses.
He took many trips down this!

Story time.
They spent several hours at the event. He was allowed to do things & visit the tents as many times as he wanted. It was a fantastic time for both Daddy & Bugsy. And yes, he is already counting the days until next year! =0)


Claire said...

How fun!!

I wish we could go ride with you guys! When Thomas came to Connecticut it was like 15 degrees, and all the events there were PACKED. My kids liked it anyway though.

Rhonda said...

Now that looks like one happy little boy and and a really great day!

Julia said...

How fun! Looks like he had a great time :)