Thursday, September 16, 2010


Every first Saturday of the month our Goodwill sells everything in the store for half price. We dropped in after soccer this month. In addition to a bunch of fall clothes & a winter jacket for Elvis we found these fun treasures. None cost over $1 & most were 45 cents - 75 cents each.

Princess loves these!

Thomas is a welcome friend in our home.

A sports movie for Davey & a musical for me.

The kids love the one we bought & took on our trip.
Can't beat 99 cents for a brand new DVD!

We have the first 2 in the "walk" series & I was thrilled to find #3.
Boo used to do yoga years ago for her sensory issues. I thought it might be fun to try again. No New Age garbage though. =)

These were a steal at 75 cents each!

Dover coloring books are amazing! Imagine my excitement at finding them in next to new condition for 45 cents each!

Usborne = 45 cents

Lots of learning here!

To use with Astronomy

Both in brand new condition

Some fun books the kids picked out.

This was my best find of the day!
Usually this is $12.99 & I got it for 75 cents! All the stickers are in brand new condition, no pages have been colored & it clearly sat on a shelf unused. Yay, for me! Actually yay for Bugsy as it will be a fabulous birthday present!

A sample of the stickers.

Back cover
I love successful treasure hunts!


Rhonda said...

Wow you got some great deals and some awesome finds. I need to make a trip to our Goodwill store. It has been awhile since I have been. I could spend all day in there.

Julia said...

Awesome finds!