Monday, September 6, 2010

Archaeological Dig

We belong to both a history family co-op & a multi-study family co-op this year. It has turned out to be the same families who are involved in both. So fun! Our history co-op is studying the unit Colonial Life from Homeschool in the Woods. One of the activities is an archaeological dig. They did this with a 2-Liter bottle & some sand but one of our moms had a much better idea! They live abutting woods that used to house an old farm. As you will see we found many treasures!

Sweet Pea stayed behind in the A/C to babysit the two toddlers. =0)

Setting out for our hike in the woods. We slathered ourselves with Deep Woods Off, donned long sleeves, jeans, sneakers & hats, tucked our pants in our socks & prayed for the ticks to stay away. And hoped we wouldn't sweat to death in the heat & humidity. LOL!

Excited to explore!

Old slave quarters. The house itself has fallen down.

Old metal pieces from the farm.

Farming tools

What a ham!

Our crew

After getting lost a few times we found the house. Yay!

Water was a must!

Bugs had a fantastic time. A boy's heaven!

It looks like the remnants of a chimney.

Digging for treasure!

Boo was the first to find one!

Joe, Jen's husband came with us. He helped guide, used the metal detector, and helped the kids dig. He did a wonderful job with the kids!

Discussing her find.

Very excited about their discoveries.

Bugsy found this little guy & brought him to me.
It was wriggling around & I freaked out a bit. Ick!

The farmhouse
The other side.

We tramped through the woods some more to visit the graves.

The last visit in the woods was to the barn.
Elvis was happy to find some treasures to add to his collection.

Joe led us out of the thick woods & then we began the long walk back to Jen's.

There were quite a few looks from drivers in passing cars as our sweaty group trekked back.

After over 2 hours of hiking in the heat & humidity I was toasted. I tell you a cold shower never felt so good! =0)
Even with the heat it was a great adventure. My kids had a blast & the memories and experiences are priceless. Thanks again, Jen, Joe & crew!


Julia said...

That is SO cool!

Rhonda said...

Besides the heat and the humidity (I would have never been able to handle the heat while wearing long sleeves)it looks like an amazing time. I am sure that the kids had the time of their lives finding all of those old treasures.

Kristine said...

The heat & humidity were AWFUL. I am NOT an outdoor-sey gal. It is gross but we moms were soaked by the time it was over. I laughed when on the ride home my kids asked me if I had fun. I told them it wasn't my thing but I did it for them. I'd do it again just to see their excited faces & hear them when they found a new treasure. What we moms do, eh? Lol!

Kristine said...

Oh, and my kids & I beat everyone back to the house by a good 10-15 min. I wanted back in that good ol' A/C! LOL! Yep, I'm a girl. Hee, hee.