Sunday, September 5, 2010

Treasure Hunt

Back to school means our annual Treasure Hunt! We did it on a weekday evening this year due to schedules & vacation time. We couldn't do it without Daddy.  Usually he takes the day off but he wasn't able to this year so as soon as he came home from work it was on!
The tradition is to start with the youngest and work up one at a time to the oldest. Bugsy was happy to be first. Here he is holding his first clue.

The hunt is ON!

A brand new Buzz Lightyear backpack!!!!!

Of COURSE it's packed with goodies!

Princess was very happy with her lollipop.

Elvis starts his hunt in the laundry room.

Elvis received a brand new quality backpack this year. In his favorite color!

Unpacking their treasures.

Next up......Boo Bear.

Another tradition is posing for a picture with your treasures. =0)
Here is Bugsy with his
Taking in all the action.

Elvis with his treasure trove.

Digging In

Last but not least, Sweet Pea!

Elvis couldn't resist helping out when S.P. was stumped on a clue. Lol!

Her L.L. Bean backpack is still going strong!

Lots of new goodies!

Some new yard toys for the boys.
Sweet Pea searched high & low for her Silly Bands.

I had fun teasing her a bit but finally gave in & offered some hints.

She ADORES her new sneakers.

Sweet Pea's treasures.

The kids were given some fun learning surprises to share.

And something for each just for fun.

Princess tried them out in her own way. LOL!

A game for all.

Arts & Crafts

Boo Bear has shown a great interest & talent in art. I selected some things just for her that she doesn't have to share. She is eager to begin her lessons.

I was pleased that Sweet Pea liked her Calligraphy set.

After all that excitement we settled in for a yummy picnic. Dave & the kids did a tremendous job preparing everything.

Bugs bites into a delicious burger.
Princess received a few new toys, a play calculator & treats of her own. I couldn't get her to stand still long enough to take pics! ROTFL!


Rhonda said...

Awww this is just so cool! I love it! Their backpacks are awesome along with everything in them. What a great Treasure Hunt!

Julia said...

How fun!! I loved this. They look so thrilled with all their new goodies :)