Monday, September 13, 2010

La Clase Divertida

We bought this years ago & the girls used it for a bit. Then I got busy with a new baby, Elvis, and we stopped. I decided this was the year to start again.

The instructor teaches by video.

I love how they not only repeat the Spanish words but sing songs & move around too.

The vowel song is very catchy!

Princess takes a break to climb in a chair & watch her siblings.

The puppet was cracking us up & Princess loved him.

We'll do more this week!


Rhonda said...

Looks like a lot of fun and from the photos it seemed to keep the kids interested.

Oh and to answer your question about the lunches. I cook dinner and use the leftovers for the girl's lunch the next day. If there are no leftovers, then I fix easy meals like sandwiches, tortilla roll-ups, quesadillas, etc. the night before to place in their lunch boxes. Well that is the plan anyway since we just started them. I am really enjoying it though. I used to cook lunch during our school hours, but this way is much more convenient.

Julia said...

That looks so fun!

Kristine said...

I love the interaction. It was exactly what I had been hoping to find.
Rhonda, thanks for the lunch tips. Yours look delicious! If you were closer I'd be tempted to hire you to make ours. =0)