Saturday, February 21, 2009

Valentine's Day Dinner

For Valentines Day this year we did something different and went to the Train Expo. It wasn't full of hearts or very romantic but it WAS lots of fun. The kids were determined to do something more hearts & flowers the next day. When they found out about Dave & my plans to have dinner they immediately wanted to help set up for it. I had approached Dave on Friday with an idea to have a Valentine's dinner for the two of us at home. We do not have a babysitter here yet and with our schedule lately it's hard to squeeze in a date night anyway. Plus to be honest it is an extra cost. We instead got take out from Olive Garden, one of our favorites, and Dave and the kids picked up a Chocolate Silk Pie at the grocery store. It ended up being a wonderful night.

The kids went shopping with Dave. In addition to the pie Dave surprised me with beautiful flowers and candy. The kids helped set the table using our good china to make things extra special.

All the kids wanted to take on a role to make our night special & fun. The boys were dubbed "The Cooks". Don't you just love the eccentric look of Elvis?

My Favorite!
Chicken Parmesan. It makes me hungry just looking at it.

Dave's Favorite
Tour of Italy

I loved how Dave and most of the kids all dressed up for our night.
During our meal we had our waitresses come when we rang the bell. Soft music played in the background and we had time to talk and just be together.

Chocolate Silk Pie
This is melt in your mouth delicious!

We called the kids in to share in our special dessert.


Don't you love the serious look on his face?
(Don't worry it's only Pepsi.)

Our Loving Waitstaff

After our meal Sweet Pea had a little dance time with Sky.

My beautiful flowers & delicious chocolates.

Bugs wanted to pose with "the heart" as he called it.
Dave said he carried it all through the store, in the van & into the house.

I asked him to smile for the camera and I got this goofy face. LOL!

My special valentines from the kids, candy & flowers.

Another Valentine from Sweet Pea.

Daddy was very suprised & pleased with all his Valentines..

Even though our celebration was different from the norm this year it was very special. I love the memories that were made and how much our kids enjoyed joining in to make our date night extra special. That truly touched my heart.

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What a sweet V-day. :)