Thursday, February 26, 2009


"Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needth not to be ashamed. Rightly dividng the word of Truth." II Timothy 2:15
Our kids are really hooked on their AWANA Club. I think it's neat how a club I was a part of as a child is still around & growing for my children to enjoy & grow in their relationship with God. My favorite thing about AWANA is the importance they put on memorizing Scripture. Hiding God's Word in their young hearts is important beyond words. I can remember many evenings working hard to memorize verses that I still remember today. What a blessing!

A little description of our members:

I was pleasantly surprised to find out there is even a preschool group for Bugsy. It is called Cubbies. He memorizes phrases of verses. At first I was a bit skeptical of his ability to memorize Scripture. It amazes me how fast he catches on. He already earned his first book and proudly walks to class with it every week.

Elvis is in a group for K-2nd graders. It is called Sparks. He earned his
first book a week ago and is very proud. He can hardly wait until he gets his vest to wear every week. Elvis still protests when he first works on a verse stating it's too hard, etc. But once he gets started he learns it quickly and then is on fire to learn more. Every week when we pick him up he is bouncing with excitement from all he has learned, the games he played & his goals for the next week.

Boo loves memorizing her verses. She was jumping up & down tonight when she earned her first book. Her group, Truth & Training is for 3rd through 6th grade. I am looking forward to seeing her book and comparing it to the one I used when I was in AWANA. I did notice that the names of the boys & girls groups and awards have changed. Boo was recently asked to be on the AWANA Games team. An honor! We will be attending her first meet on Saturday.
I'm thankful our kids have such an awesome group to grow, make new friends & learn in.


Reecee said...

We miss AWANA! Reecee loved memorizing the verses, too. My oldest wasn't as competitive. :) Is there a group for Sweet Pea? Our group had one for our oldest, but I know they don't all go that high. Have fun, Mama!

Kristine said...

In this church they start their youth group at 7th grade so Sweet Pea attends that. I think they still do memorize verses sometimes but there is no book or uniform. Sweet Pea really likes the leader (he leads both the middle school group AND the high school group) and says he is a fantastic speaker. I'm sad she missed AWANA but am glad she loves her group so much. =)
I did AWANA as a kid and my children think that is just...WOW! Cracks me up. I even have some awards tucked away somewhere.

Megan said...

Awana was one of the highlights of my childhood. I'm so glad that SP has youth group to look forward to. Still praying for that special friend for her. :)