Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Special Nativity

Back in mid-December our new church hosted an outdoor nativity. I wasn't able to post pics b/c the small camera I took them with became misplaced. Of course! LOL! Boo Bear finally found the camera the other day. Hooray! It was raining lightly outside and of course dark b/c it was evening but I think the pics came out pretty good seeing as these were the conditions outside. Such a neat ministry! Oh, BTW it was free and open to the public.

I only took a few pics because I didn't want a constant flash from my camera to disturb anyone.

They had a tent set up where you could wait for your turn. Free hot chocolate & cookies were there much to my children's delight!

We rode in an open trailer pulled by a pick up truck. There were 5 stations to stop at. At the last one we got out and walked to it. At each station there was a recording telling us the story of that scene.

All the animals were live! The kids were amazed they had real camels there. There were 3 total on display with the kings.

The kings also had a tent & a fire going. They acted out what the narrator spoke.

The shepherds of course had live sheep. The sheep made sure they made themselves known by baa-ing. Lol.

Sheep & a shepherd.

This was really cool. They have a HUGE front window. When it was time in the narration to talk about the angel appearing to the shepherds this is what we saw. It looked so amazing!

This is harder to see but they used the same effect to show us all the heavenly hosts that appeared to the shepherds praising God. It looked so awesome! There were about 6 or 7 angels lit up.

This was the final stop where we walked to. Stop #4 was read to us by a live person but had no actors. This final scene was our favorite. I especially liked that in addition to holding & cuddling baby Jesus they all worshipped Him. Awesome!

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Ekelund Fam said...

very cool! if it wasn't so freezing here, maybe we could do it too.