Sunday, January 25, 2009

Meal Planning

I finally finished my meal planning & shopping lists for the next 2 weeks. After talking with my friend Kristi I thought I'd share in case anyone would like to see. =) I usually appoint a specific day of the week to each meal but this time I decided not to do that. I'll choose more according to time & taste what sounds good for that night choosing from the list. A side effect of pregnancy? Lol. =)

I made my shopping lists according to the ingredients I'd need for these meals plus a few snacks & breakfasts. I find we definitely save $$ this way. This is much needed as our budget is tighter than ever lately. Dave & Sweet Pea took a quick inventory before the shopping trip. This prevents us from buying more than we need. Dave has been taking some or all the kids and doing the grocery shopping these past couple of months. Though in some ways I miss it, (I know I'm a strange duck. Hee, hee), I am deeply thankful he is taking this large task over. I don't have the stamina for it at this time as it involves a few hours and sometimes 3-4 different stores.

I made up a menu for both lunches & suppers for 2 weeks but I'll just share the suppers for now. Here they are!

1. Chili & Cornbread

2. Spaghetti, Sauce, Bread & Salad (Salad has been on sale here lately. If it wasn't we'd have a green veggie instead.)

3. Quesadillas, Refried Beans, Cornbread & Salad

4. Chicken Divan & Bread or Muffins

5. Potato Soup, Muffins or Bread, & Salad

6. Lasagna, Green Veggie, Bread or Muffins

7. Lentil, Turkey (or Chicken), Veggie Soup & Muffins

8. Pizza Night ~ English Muffin Pizzas & Carrot sticks

9. Taco Night

10. Pot Roast w/carrots, onions & potatoes and peas or broccoli

11. BBQ Pork, Buns, Raw carrots, Baked beans

12. Layer Dinner, Muffins or Bread

13. Mexican Hamburger Rice Bake & Broccoli Parmesan

14. Chicken Green Bean Casserole, Muffins or Bread, Extra Veggie?

A few of these are new recipes I have never tried before. I will have some PB&J standing by just in case. =)

This time I threw a few extras in just in case. What can I say, I like variety! Lol.

Honey Baked Chicken pg. 130
Chicken Pot Pie pg. 130


MOMMY said...

Enjoy your chili! I did not get to ours this week because P's heartburn is acting up. Oh well. You are lucky that Dave is doing the shopping! I remember when I was pregnant with B and HUGE pushing the shopping cart around, I could never reach the items in the cart at the check out either-it was so funny! Enjoy your meals and let me know how the new recipes come out. We tried a new one last night that was not a keeper. The potato soup I made earlier in the week was awesome though!

Megan said...

Great job on your menu plans. You've inspired me to start planning our lunches more carefully. That's the meal that usually stumps me. Let us know how the new stuff turns out. :) Oh, and what about breakfasts? Do you have any frugal suggestions for families who can't afford cereal anymore? Thanks!

Kristine said...

I'd love the recipe for your Potato Soup if you have the chance. The one I have I've never tried before. Can't find the one another friend gave me. =(

Kristine said...

Thanks, Megan! I started planning simple lunches b/c we were in a rut. There are more ideas out there but I can't afford to have "2 dinners" every day. KWIM? As for breakfasts I did some research awhile back. I found that when you broke it down homemade things like eggs, pancakes/waffles/french toast & muffins and fruit were much more economical. I used to make pancakes or waffles ahead of time and stick them in the freezer. Then all we had to do was toast or microwave them for a quick, hot breakfast. I often served canned fruit instead of fresh b/c it's cheaper but still nutritious. Do you guys get WIC? It helps a lot with the milk & eggs cost.

Kristine said...

Forgot to mention the breakfast items are all homemade. I think they will be much less economical and nutritious if they are store bought. I remember reading oatmeal is also a good choice but no one likes it around here but Dave. =)