Saturday, January 17, 2009

Family Times

I had these miscellaneous photos from our week & decided it would be easier to post them as a group. In my files I call them, "Family Hang Time". I love capturing those kick back moments at home or just with the fam.

Boo lets me try out her new camera in the van while we wait for Daddy.

The Tunes

Goofing off while waiting.

Daddy's back!

Just at home.

My Mom sent us a gift in the mail, (pics of that later). Bugs thought the box it came in was as great as the gift! Lol!

He spent quite a bit of time in there entertaining us & himself. Lol.

Elvis using Daddy as a jungle gym.

Bailey saw all the fun Bugs had and wanted a turn.

After watching the Steelers win their game, (Yay, Steelers!), Elvis got out the football kit they received for Christmas. Soon Bugs was playing too. Dave was a proud Daddy!

Maybe we'll bring them out tomorrow again for good luck! Go Steelers!


MOMMY said...

Looks like you are all so happy in TN!!!! I love seeing your pics! Family Hang Out Time is the best!!!

MOMMY said...

Where did you find the football set? I love it! B and N would love one as well as a baseball set. Paul's team is done for the year but the kids loved watching games with him-when he was home on a Sunday.


Kristine said...

I actually found it at a yard sale. I think it originally came from KB Toys. My boys love playing with the little figure firefighters, police and army men and I thought they'd love this. I'm not sure who loves it more.....them or Daddy! LOL!