Friday, September 5, 2008


We enjoyed watching a real rodeo at the fair Monday. It made us long for Tennessee all the more! It was neat to see that their are cowboys & cowgirls in the Northeast too. Even Canada!

Silly Bugs

Daddy takes the boys down for a closer look.

Mommy & Bugsy

After all the waiting it finally begins! Hooray!

All the cowboys & cowgirls rode around the ring for the opening.

Old Glory

Look at that bull!

He loves to wear sunglasses.

Rodeo Clown

Roping the Calf

This little guy did some cool rope twirling. I think he was 11.

Here is his uncle who taught him all he knows. He was GOOD!


Bucking Bronco

This guy stayed on the entire time & was the only one to do so! He was amazing!

Whoa! That horse can buck!

A Break for the Rodeo Clowns


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