Sunday, September 7, 2008

First Day of School Traditions

We officially started school last week. We have many traditions & we wanted to celebrate them while Daddy was home. We chose to have our first day the day after Labor Day. That way we had a half day before we had to drive Daddy to the airport.

We started our day with a big, homemade breakfast made by Daddy & kids. Yum! Next was our Treasure Hunt where the kids read & follow clues to find their backpacks. The backpacks are filled with new school supplies, sweet treats & some fun items. Our walk to school follows and then it's down to work with our brand new books & schedule.

Scrambled eggs with cheese, peaches, bacon and orange juice!

My 7th grader, Preschooler, 5th grader and 1st grader

He insisted upon wearing his helmet. Crazy kid! LOL!

Literally climbing the walls with excitement.

Time for the Treasure Hunt to begin! Youngest goes first......

Finding the clues is fun!

Daddy gives him a boost to find this clue.

He's on the run to find another clue!


Elvis' Turn

He's having a terrific time! And this year he can read his own clues.

Found it!

Elvis' Treasure!

Elvis couldn't wait to see what was inside his backpack.

Boo was excited to have her turn at finding her clues.

Her clues took her outside to hunt for treasure.

Another happy treasure hunter.

Sweet Pea's turn!

Another clue!

Her treasure was hiding up in the tree!

Digging in.

Bugs finally realizes there is treasure in his backpack!

Sweet Pea is very happy with her mechanical pencils.

Daddy helps Bugs with his new Transformer.

The Traditional Walk

Every year Daddy takes the kids on their "walk to school". They walk all the way down the block and back. I greet them at the door upon their return. I didn't know if they would want to do it this year but they asked us when we were walking so I guess that's the answer. =) They love it!

Here they come!

Good morning, students!

Another Tradition

Taking a picture on the front steps.

Hard at Work

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You had a wonderful first day back!